Team: Mila Dimitrovska, Dora Loncaric, Mario Batkoski

year: 2012

The project was part of a summer school held by Elia Zenghelis with a topic “Landscape and the Limits of Architecture”. Within the dramatic natural landscape of the monastery complex Ss Joakim Osogovski students were supposed to propose new architecture that would in some way interact with the unique setting of the topography and the architectural heritage. The given program was a congress center with an auditorium, cafeteria, small library and temporary housing. The location that my team and I chose was the upper square above the church within the complex itself. We saw a possibility of an interesting juxtaposition or a dialogue between the two centers, the religious and the scientific. Architecturally, the project idea was to reflect the topography of the monastery complex inside the building through leveling the interior space in different platforms connected with stairs and ramps. Within the horizontal stripes of public interior we inserted vertical towers which accommodated the private space of the housing program.

Abitare 2012