international competition, 2nd prize

with Vlado Danailov, Monika Novkovik, Gordan Vitevski and Jovan Ivanovski

Here, following the line of mountain picks, looking down
the canyon of Matka, the artist is present. To get here,
the artist has to follow the traces of cultural heritage and
human creation. Places where for hundreds of years
people have built monuments of their presence.
The inspirational hotel is the monument of today. One
more layer on the path of experiences through space
and time. It is recognized as a single gesture, wall.
Strong, yet fragile, fragmented into singular monuments.
Each standing for its own inhabitant, all together forming
the new spatial axis that redefines the site.
Exploiting the qualities of nature/ view, silence, cliffs…
and the essential space building composes a simple,
yet symbolic inhabitable structure which emerges on the
path of experiences. Through space and time.
In a parallel space and time.
The artist being present here – now chooses to detach
from his/her/our everyday space-time routine and
lives the time of creation. In the wall, in the inhabitable
archeology of today. Between the firm stone structure,
that opens to the landscape. He/She lives the basic,
nomad experience up in the mountain.
He/She/We are here for the art.
The art is present!