international competition, 2017

team: Mila Dimitrovska, Vlado Danailov, Ivana Angelova, Gordan Vitevski

The concept design for the student housing began with a formal and functional proposal for the room. The project for the room is an attempt to introduce a new approach towards the student housing where the quality of the space is brought by the volume of it. Despite the small surface given (18,5 m2), the student room-cell has a double height (4m). In that sense, the idea of privacy in a small space is realized with a division of the beds in two levels creating two separate enclose. The bed is not perceived only as a place of sleep, rather as a complex private space for working, eating, reading, writing, socializing, imagination…
For the room as a micro-cosmos or the “machine for living”, the whole furniture and services are built-in and optimized in every sense. The three functions of the toilet are configured separately in order to be used simultaneously. The room is programatically and formally divided in three zones: service zone at the entrance, private zone in the middle, and a common zone in the bright double-height space.